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Adfingo specialises in the production of digital media.


Adfingo’s offerings in the media area include experience, skills sets and supporting technologies and equipment to meet a wide range of applications which include:

  • Video -  documentaries, advertising, corporate information and promotion, education, training, recording, archiving
  • Photography - environmental, culture, architectural, wildlife, corporate profiles and reports, organizational and personal portraits, recording, archiving
  • Web - Adfingo’s media Web expertise focuses on delivering communication and media services

Adfingo’s photographers have decades of experience and are fully equipped to deliver high quality images and video, specialising in the following areas:

  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Real estate
  • Environment and nature
  • Company reports and corporate profiles
  • Content for web sites
  • Content for travel brochures
  • Near infra red imaging for specialist applications

One of our photographers did a Master of Photography course during which he made a special study on the use of infra red imaging in support of environmental applications.

Adfingo does not normally accept work for weddings, parties and social events nor for large scale advertising.

Equipment & Technology

Adfingo owns video equipment capable of resolutions of 4K+ and frame rates of up to 60fps for normal scenes.  High speed and slow motion options are available for selected scenes.  Most current work is done at 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) at 50p (UK, Europe) and 60p (North America).  Full HD masters can be downsized for internet streaming and other applications which require smaller files and/or slower frame rates.  Most post-production is done using the Apple Final Cut Pro editing suite but for certain applications, Adfingo also uses Adobe and BlackMagic software.

Most still photography is at resolutions of 20-24MP and for utility applications (eg certain record imaging) resolutions of 12-16MP are sufficient, lighter storage requirements and faster processing times.  For selected applications, Adfingo has in-house capability for 40, 50 and 80MP images.  Several software applications are used for photograph editing.

Lens angle of view coverage includes fisheye (180 degrees) and then is effectively continuous from 114 deg (very wide angle) to around 2 deg (super telephoto, approx 25x magnification).

Both Full Frame and Micro Four Thirds formats are used.  There are special lenses and cameras for use at very low light levels using available light and also sets of radio controlled flashguns as required.

There is a extensive selection of specialised accessories (eg gimbals, equipment for macro (close up) work, tripods) but when needed, additional specialised equipment is hired.

Stills and Movie Archive

Adfingo has a large archive of stills and movies, in various formats, dating back for more than 60 years and with significant international content.  The archive is manually indexed before 2000 but is computer indexed and searchable from 2000.  Adfingo has the technology to convert film (positive and negative) into digital images. (Please note - the main pre-2000 archive is in a remote location and some time might be required to access it.)

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