specialises in the production of digital media for two main applications: to provide entertainment and education and to deliver business benefits.

ADFINGO’s offerings in the media area include experience, skills sets and supporting technologies to meet a wide range of applications which include:

- Movies -  electronic news gathering, television documentaries, advertising, corporate information and promotion, education, training, recording and archiving.

- Stills - corporate profiles and reports, organizational and personal portraits, record, archive.

- The WebADFINGO’s media Web expertise focuses on delivering communication and media services, while

ADFINGO’s consultancy practice deals with  the full range of Web architectures and applications.  From a simple website such as this to a  24/7 media streaming service, ADFINGO can offer a solution.

- Facilities - For those occasions when clients need additional, external facilities, ADFINGO has useful in-house properties in southern France .

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